Coach House Consultancy is a coaching and development organisation. I will work with you to understand your goals and desires, creating a bespoke coaching or development programme that will help you thrive and achieve your goals.

Who am I?

Specialising in coaching and leadership development, my core purpose is to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential.

I will work with all types of businesses, with colleagues at all levels, to drive forward both the individuals themselves and in turn the results of the business.

Company Values

Trust and Integrity: I always operate to the highest ethical and professional standards. I build relationships based on honesty, respect and confidentiality.

Passion for Results: I am passionate about helping clients succeed - I believe clients have all the answers within them and through the use of effective questions, challenge and support from me, my clients will reach their full potential.

I have 20 years experience working as a senior HR professional in global organisations, delivering business success through outstanding people performance.Sarah Champion, founder of Coach House Consultancy.
Sarah Champion
My areas of expertise

  • Leadership coaching
  • Business coaching
  • Leadership/Team Development
  • Career Coaching
  • Work life balance coaching
  • Development and implementation of HR and business strategy
  • Change management
  • Employee engagement
  • Talent management and succession planning
  • Organisational design

How I can help you

  • At Coach House Consultancy I help clients with:
  • Individual Coaching
  • Business coaching and strategic development
  • Work life balance coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Team coaching and development
  • Leadership capability programmes
  • Talent development and succession planning
  • Mobilising teams and individuals for change
  • Mentoring


Coaching increases performance, develops skills, drives results, promotes personal development and provides satisfaction. I help individuals enhance various aspects of both their personal and professional lives. Using questioning techniques I guide clients through their own thought process to identify solutions. I assist in setting appropriate goals, assessing progress and applying tools and activities to encourage commitment to act. The aim is to create long lasting personal growth and change.

Coaching aspects infographic

Coaching sessions can be delivered via a medium to suit you. I can offer face to face or remote sessions via Skype so any location can be catered for by Coach House Consultancy. I offer additional follow up support via telephone calls and/or emails according to the requirements of the client. All coaching programmes are designed and tailored specifically to each client needs.

Business Coaching and Strategy Development

Are you an overwhelmed business owner/leader that needs a confidant to talk to? Do you know what to do but you aren't doing it, or are you not getting the results you want? Do you want your business to grow? I will work with you and your business to create a core purpose and embed ways of working. Our coaching sessions will focus on strategic planning and performance evaluation, your customer, business diagnostics and you and your business.

Work Life Balance Coaching

Are you struggling to maintain a healthy work life balance? Do you want to change your life and create the heathy balance you desire? I will empower you to make your own decisions, plan your own future and own your work life balance.

Career Coaching

I will work with you to empower you to own and plan your career and self-development, using a range of tools and activities to support self-reflection.

Team Coaching and Development

Working with your organisation to fully understand its purpose, values, culture and ways of working, I can work with you to deliver bespoke solutions for your organisation.I can facilitate impactful team coaching and development sessions designed for you.

Individuals & Organisations

Leadership Capability Programmes

I understand leadership and know how great leaders are developed. I will work with leaders at all levels to enable achievement of personal growth and development. Working with you to gain a full understanding of your organisation and future goals, I will create a programme that fits with your organisation and supports you in achieving your goals and strategy.

Talent Development and Succession Planning

I work with clients to create programmes to develop leaders of the future. I understand how important it is to "grow your own" and develop internal talent. Talent development and succession planning has a significant impact on a business and employee engagement, getting this wrong can be costly. I will work with you to build a talent and succession strategy and design and deliver a talent development programme tailored to your organisation.

Mobilising Teams and Individuals for Change

I will facilitate team and/or individual sessions to coach leaders of your organisation through change projects. I understand how people react to change and will coach individuals at each stage of the change journey. I will work with you and your organisation to understand your change project and the desired outcomes, by developing a programme specifically for your organisation.


If you are seeking a powerful way to grow and develop your talent or you are looking to develop your organisation, my mentoring programmes are the ideal solution. Mentoring will promote knowledge sharing, leadership development, skills development and increase engagement throughout the organisation. Coach House Consultancy will work with you to create a mentoring programme to meet your specific needs.


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